If you would like to donate to the Dutchmen
Education Foundation in memory of Dr. Houser,
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What is The Dutchmen Foundation?

The Dutchmen Foundation was established in November 2008. The Foundation is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees made up of community members, business leaders, parents and school district employees. More about us»

Why an education foundation in Annville-Cleona?

While Annville-Cleona School District residents have always generously supported public schools through their tax dollars, public school systems must face the difficult challenge of balancing innovative programs with cost constraints. With restrained funding at the federal and state level and an increase in regulation and mandates, the need for local funds has increased, as well. In establishing The Dutchmen Foundation, this community joins more than 2,000 communities across the nation to raise private funds for public schools.

The Dutchmen Foundation

• Gives donors an opportunity to make tax-deductible gifts that directly benefit Annville-Cleona students.
• Enables Annville-Cleona students to gain donations from other foundations and non-profit groups.
• Provides Annville-Cleona teachers with the valuable resources needed to create wonderful new learning experiences.
• Removes budget restrictions that often thwart inventive ideas and quash innovations in teaching.
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